Location            Lake Como, IT
Realization        2019
Floor area          1425+1837 smq


The Villa was restored to its original 1900 grandeur incorporating luxury of the contemporary living designed with timeless elegance.
Completely redesigned and raised roof opened up space for two new terraces, overlooking the lake.
Newly added balconies elegantly balance the proportions and enhance the perspective from below adding new slender feeling.
A daring excavation under the building gave way to a brand new gym space.
The swimming pool and the pool house were carefully designed to fit within the landscape, creating a breath taking experience of the location where the water and the sky permeate indoor and outdoor space.
The overall design was to emphasise the unique arrangement between the magnificent heritage and the beauty of the nature, with a modern demand for functionality and comfort, executed in a very subtle, elegant and harmonious way, preserving historic integrity of Villa Peduzzi.