Location                     Rimini, IT
Year                            2006
Floor area                   150 smq


Hospitality world design has by now tested, compared and offered everything, but it is still difficult to affect something that we consider the most important aspect: people inner self. The aim is to be surrounded with everything that people  consider “standard” by exploring this concept beyond imagination to feel everywhere the intimacy that traveller is forced to leave aside, at home, where the most important objects of affection, furnishings and memories are integral part of the space where is living. Independently from social relationships, culture and past of each traveller, everything we leave at home is the most important part of the individual. That fully changes 7-star accommodation concept offering a new and dedicated space: our own space. Disassembled, sent and newly assembled. The traveller can book the stay in the hotel chosen that, as equipped with a dedicated space, will set his room, which was previously disassembled and sent thanks to an integrated system of transport, logistic and setting.